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Assess. Estimate. Replace.


Canadian Jewellery Claims, unlike other jewellery claims assessors in the industry, specializes only in jewellery claims management from the assessment stage to replacement. As the single point of contact for the claim in its entirety, CJC is bridging the ever-growing complexity between the insurance companies, their clients and the jewellery industry.


Canadian Jewellery Claims aims to create timeless, high-quality jewellery for every client that we replace for, using the highest standard in materials, gemstones, and components while nationalizing the jewellery claims industry by standardizing pricing regardless of product and using industry-leading design & manufacturing technology.


  • Jewellery Claim Validation (Identification & Verification)

  • Comparative Quoting

  • ACV Values

  • Allocation and Fulfillment of Claim (Replacement)

  • ​Post-Replacement Valuation

  • ​Recovery and Salvage Processing

  • National Quote and Replacement Programs

  • ​VIP Client Packages

  • ​Monthly Reporting

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