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The jewellery claims process service is described in the following five steps.

Insurance companies may engage CJC to perform one or all of these services.

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Jewellery Claim Assessment 

The first step in the claim is to identify what was lost and generate a schedule of loss. That adjuster must ask the client for as much information regarding the claim and the items in question. This basic claim information is usually provided by the adjuster but a CJC claims assessor will always confirm the details with the client and assist with the schedule of loss. We will ask you to provide all documentation and information at this stage to reduce the risk of ambiguity. Clients should also be advised at this point that a representative from CJC will be reaching out to them at this stage of the claim. 



The second step in the process is to calculate the replacement values based on the information provided, we obtain an accurate market value for each item from the relevant panel of vendors. We heavily monitor and audit these vendors on quality replacement, customer service, and supply-time levels to ensure we deal with only the best suppliers. Accurate ACV values are presented with every quote. 



Once the adjuster and the client approve the estimate, Our team of Cad Designers, goldsmiths, and gemologists will work closely to ensure that the new jewellery item/s meets the design criteria and production quality for the replacement. All new jewellery items that are replaced through Canadian Jewellery Claims are accompanied by an updated hard copy and electronic insurance appraisal to reflect the new replacement values. All appraisals are completed by GIA certified Gemologist.


Jewellery Salvage 

Canadian Jewellery Claims handle all aspects of a carries jewellery claims including value recovery on a claim, resulting from salvage that may arise. This includes damaged gemstones and diamonds, pieces on a claim that were found or recovered after the claim has been settled, watches, and damaged jewellery. 


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